Roland Gumpert, founder, Managing Director and the driving force behind Sportwagenmanufaktur, has created a manufacturing environment that combines engineering excellence with a broad automotive and racing competence. Experts within the motorsport scene are all familiar with the name 'Gumpert': In the mid 1970s, the long standing AUDI manager was the driving force behind the development of the four wheel drive ”Iltis”, the original predecessor of today‘s ”Quattro”. In 1979 he not only succeeded in preparing the gnarled four wheel drive ”Iltis” for the Paris Dakar rally, but also achieved victory. In the years that followed under his management, AUDI Sport won a total of 25 World Rally Championship races and was the 4-time winner of the World Rally Championship. Gumpert‘s professional success is distinguished by his ability to combine innovative ideas with proven technology effectively and successfully.

A team of automotive and motor sports specialists joined forces to pool their enthusiasm and energy into developing and creating the apollo. Their abilities create the space for the finest workmanship and utmost individuality, with the use of high-tech processes and integration of proven standard components.

With the
apollo we are providing a select clientele of ambitious sports drivers and car enthusiasts with the opportunity of experiencing the unique synergy between handmade highend components optimised for performance on the road and the track, and of to distinguish themselves from the remainder of the world of sports cars. Up to 50 vehicles will leave the factory each year – just enough to ensure that these exceptional vehicles retain their exclusive status.

GUMPERT Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH is an independent, privately financed company. Its financial stability secured by well known investors, their operative commitment will also promote the international sales and distribution of


Vision - expressed by uniqueness

The production process is the one part of the manufacturing philosophy in which exclusivity and precision are paramount to speed. GUMPERT Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH associates the term 'manufacture' with its commitment to achieving quality and luxury by means of craftsmanship and hand-made production. We combine the advantages of traditional craftsmanship with the quality-enhancing benefits of state-of-the-art production procedures. Each and every apollo is an automotive masterpiece with its very own personal character that has been produced exclusively for the customer in line with his or her personal wishes.



The Beginning - from idea to the first model

In 2001 there was a vision of a new super sports car: A car, which combined the highest dynamics with unmatched driving capabilities. Intended to be a street-legal car ready for the race track. Last but not least, Mr. Gumpert wanted it to offer the best value for money you could get among the super sports cars.

Starting from there, the technical parameters to be met were defined and the first designs of the car were drawn by Marco Vanetta. At the end of this process the first 1:4 scale model of the car was produced in 2002 – apollo was born.

From the Model to pre-production

To develop a model into a real car is a long way to go and a lot of experience and even more know-how are needed to be successful in the end. So about four years ago Roland Gumpert took over the project management. Coming from AUDI, Roland Gumpert has a long and impressive track record in car development and motor sport. The Quattros from Ingolstadt won 25 races in the World Rally Championship and 4 World Rally Championship titles with him leading the AUDI Sport Department.

The GMG Sportwagenmanufaktur Altenburg GmbH was founded and Gumpert pressed ahead with the development of the apollo. In close cooperation with the Technical University in Munich and the University of Applied Sciences in Ingolstadt constructional work, computer simulations, and finally wind tunnel tests were done. All research and development activities formed the basis for the first 1:1 scale model and finally the two pre-production apollo.